older men dating younger women

Why Younger Women Love Older Men?

We have seen a lot of it in movies and in real life, of couples that are into age gap relationships. Several women have accepted relationship of this kind and believes it is the best for them, so don’t think it is by accident when you see younger women with older men as it is rather their choice and personal preference.

There are unique reasons to individuals for going into an age gap relationship but here are few of those reasons why younger women like older men than their age mates for a relationship.

To start with, a girl child gets matured in physique quicker than her male counterpart. When such girl grows up to a lady, it becomes difficult for her to be hanging out with her age mates, let alone move into a relationship with them as this eats up her ego in public and amongst her friends. They feel this won’t let people respect them and you would rather see these girls looking for older guys just to gain respect from their friends and male counterparts to boost their ego. You may even see such young women looking for older men that are powerful and in top positions in the society.

Another reason why younger women like older men is because older men already have a career they are firmly rooted in, and most of them are financially stable. We see most girls looking for older guys that are well established rather than dating guys of their age that are struggling with a stipend paying job to sort their tuitions and livelihood or still depend on their parents for some basic needs. As a totally independent and matured older man, ladies believe he will be able to provide for their needs emotionally and financially both now and in the future.

Lastly, most of these younger women dating older men associates wisdom and knowledge with age. They see this older men as father figures that they hope to get all kinds of provision and life guidance from, and to take up the place of their absentee father. Since matured men are confident and experienced, they don’t get freaky in relationships like the young guys who can be aggressive and selfishly put themselves ahead in every aspect. Young guys give less attention to their partner’s feelings or needs and you will rather see these ladies looking for older men that will be fatherly and caring.

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